Zenni Optical Review – Best Deal for Eyeglasses?

Some expenses that I can’t avoid with my vision are contact lens and eyeglasses exams and prescriptions. With my strong prescription it can get pretty pricey so I’ve been looking for ways to get better deals. For awhile I’ve heard about getting cheap eyeglasses with Zenni Optical.

Getting a Good Deal on Eyeglasses

With my prescription, my eyeglass lens are pretty thick, not something that I’d like to wear on a daily basis. With my eye exams I usually get both contact lens and eyeglasses; contacts being for primary use and glasses for backups. When I order my frames and lens I usually have to pay a lot of money to get them thinned out a bit.

Freebies Included with Zenni Glassses 

When ordering off their site I noticed that Zenni Optical offered some freebies, including:

  • Free Anti-Scratch Coating
  • Thin 1.57 Index Single Vision Lens
  • Full UV Protection
  • Glasses Case and Cloth

They also offer anti-glare coating, sunglasses tint, and fingerprint resistance coating, and more for small fees.

How to Order Eyeglasses with Zenni Optical

Ordering through the site was fairly easy. First I went ahead used the filter options on the sidebar to choose a general style, price range, and size for potential framses.  I also entered my pupillary distance, which if your eye doctor did not provide, you can get by using Zenni’s chart to print out and measure yourself.

I next selected frames that suited me, with over 4,000 frames to choose from on the site it I had plenty of options. The frames themselves start at $6.95 with the high end ones around $50. While you can not buy designer/name-brand frames, you can get some gorgeous ones at really low prices.

I finished my order by giving my prescription information and adding on a few extras including the tinting option and thinning out my lenses a bit more. It’s one price for shipping in the United States ($4.95). I received my glasses in about a week. Compared to my last pair, I saved about $100 and I got glasses that tint, so it’s a win for me.

Zenni’s Return Policy – 1 Star

I do want to mention that while Zenni has some great deals, the return policy for the company looks to be a bit lacking. My order came out fine, so I had no need for a return. However I’ve seen some customer complain about the hard time they’ve had with the return/exchange service.

Thoughts on Zenni Optical for Eyeglasses

I’d share my own experiences with Zenni Optical; now I’d love to hear from you. For those who have ordered from Zenni, how was your order handled? Did you get a great deal on your eyeglasses?



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