Your 33 Day Money Action Plan Review

One of my favorite things about being a personal finance blogger is discovering a new author. Every week I get emails from others about a new book about finance, but many times, it’s not that they are bad, it’s just most of them are the same old.

“Spend less than you earn”

“Get out debt!”

“Invest for retirement”

The advice is fine, but many books don’t show you how. That’s why I’m excited about reviewing 33 Day Money Plan from Nathan W. Morris.

Basic Book Info 

What’s Inside

If you’re curious about what the 33 Day Money Action Plan actually covers, here are the first 7 days:

  1. Tap Into Your Brain’s Natural “Money Genius”
  2. Establish Your Reason Why
  3. Set Up a New Savings Account
  4. Make a List of Expenses
  5. Optimizing Your Expenses
  6. Establish Your Emergency Fund
  7. Toss Out the Junk Mail

Morris offers a book that doesn’t just inform, but motivates others to get their money situation straight. Each day there is ONE activity  that you can do to improve your finances. Of course you can do more than one thing a day, but Morris structure this book for people to  get a sense of accomplishment each day, which can be incredibly motivating.

Who is The 33 Day Money Action Plan For?

Nathan has done a wonderful job creating a day by day plan to take people interested in changing their finances in a month. While the book has plenty of information, Nathan has streamlined it into actionable daily activities that most people can do.

This book is a relatively quick read – you’re giving enough to do something financially productive without being bogged down with information paralysis.

I recommend grabbing this book and going through the plan and then as you prefer looking deeper at your finances and getting into the details that matter and interest you.

Thoughts on Having a Money Action Plan

If you grabbed a copy of Nathan’s book, what are your thoughts?



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