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young house love Sherry john Petersik

This week is a busy one for many reasons, one of which is that I decided to finally tackle some home projects that we have been putting off since we moved in. One of my inspirations was from a new book I picked up online – Young House Love by Sherry and John Petersik, happy couple and proud owners of the site Young House Love.

For those not familiar with their blog, Young House Love has track the Petersiks’ home projects while raising a family in Richmond, Virginia. They recently released their first book about decor and design tips for do it yourselfers looking at fixing up their place.

Basic Book Info:  young house love  Sherry john Petersik

  • Full Title: Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love
  • Authors:Sherry and John Petersik
  • Price: $25.95 (worth it! – oops wait until the end to find out…)

What’s Inside

As with every book I review I share a bit of what’s inside so you get an idea if this is the right one for you. Sherry and John pack a lot into this compact book.

  • Chill (Living Ideas)
  • Nosh (Kitchen and Dining Ideas)
  • Doze (Bedroom Ideas)
  • Rinse (Bathroom Ideas)
  • Stow (Organizing Ideas)
  • Hang (Artsy Ideas)
  • Tweak (Accessorizing Ideas)
  • Cheers (Entertaining Ideas)
  • Splat (Painting Ideas)
  • Out (Exterior Ideas)

My favorite sections, unsurprisingly, are the ones that deal with what we need to fix up with our place – painting and storage. We have plenty of space in our town house, but the way things are currently organized, you wouldn’t think so. I added a shelf in the laundry room last night and I’m hoping to adding a few more today if we finish on our other project – painting the master bathroom.

The bathroom is such a blah space which is a shame since I use it quite a bit to relax in the evenings. Fed up with our laziness, I went ahead and grabbed a gallon of paint and supplies the other day and got started. Today I’ll be finishing up the last wall and cleaning up the edges. Tip #213 help me to get over my paint paralysis with the room. I was having a hard time finding the ‘just right’ shade for the bathroom. comparing swtches to one another helped me to grab a really snappy color that fit with the mood I wanted to get for the room.

Who is Young House Love For?

What I love about this book is how it designed for both DIY novices (like myself) and those looking at adding something new to their arsenal of skills. You can pick and choose which idea or project to take up. The projects each have a key so you can figure our the costs, sweat equity, and time needed to complete them.

For those frugal readers, many of these ideas are inexpensive as Sherry and John love to take things they already have and re-purpose them. Overall, it’s a helpful, inspirational book that can get you falling in love with you place all over again.

Thoughts on Young House Love

If you’re looking for a book to help you spruce up your place that’s easy to follow, I recommend Young House Love.


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