Why We Haven’t Worried About ATM Fees In Years and Why You Shouldn’t Either

As we were getting finances together years ago, I looked for money leaks that we could fix. One that was easy to save on was ATM fees. Those fees are usually between $2-$4 each time you use an ATM not affiliated with your bank. Sometimes you charged by both the ATM owner and your bank or sometimes you’re charged on side. Either way, you can avoid these fees 99% of the time.

Never Pay ATM Fees Again! 

Here are some tips that has helped me and others when it comes to avoiding ATM fees.

  • Go to your own bank  or credit union’s ATMs. It’s obvious, but I’ve seen people not go to their ATM because it is slightly out of their way. Going to your own financial institution’s ATMs will save money. However if your bank or credit union doesn’t really have conveniently located ATMs, you may want to switch where you bank.
  • Find no fee ATMs. One of the biggest no fee ATM networks out there is  Allpoint. We found out about the network through Capital 360 as they use them. Besides Allpoint,I know certain gas stations like Wawa off no fee ATMs. Be careful though because you bank may still charge you (which I think is ridiculous). You can open a checking account with Capital 360, simply click here to get started and get a $50 bonus!
  • Use cash back with your debit card.I’ve used my debit card to take care of two errands in one. I’ve picked up groceries and grabbed cash for the week in a single trip. When you’re pressed for time, it is really handy.
  • Think ahead with the ATM. Instead of making several trips to the to grab $40 at a time, have a weekly withdrawal and grab what you actually need. Having a planned amount can also keep you on budget.

Thoughts on ATM Fees

When was the last time you got hit with an ATM fee? How much was it? Did you get it waived?

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