Watching Our Money with Mint

tracking your money

If you’re looking to a way to keep your financial accounts organized, I highly recommend using Mint. I think biggest reasons we use Mint are due to it being free and it’s very easy to use.

The data from our joint account are automatically pulled and Mint organizes it for us into charts and graphs (depending on what we prefer). With a few clicks we can check month to month and we can compare them against each other. You can also drill down to get to the individual transaction.

tracking your money
Mint makes it easy to track your money

I check this out on a monthly basis to see what our biggest spending categories are to share when we do our monthly net reviews.

Cutting Back on Needless Expenses

Last year we were preparing for our baby girl’s arrival and we wanted to keep an eye on expenses so we could have the baby fund ready on time. That meant we needed a way to keep the two of us on the same page and Mint was the right tool for the job.

All we had to do to get it set up in Mint was:

  • Set up a monthly budget for our expenses in different categories.
  • Have Mint track the expenses and alert us through email if we’re close to our spending limits.
That was it – so hassle, no fuss. The emails came as we approached the budget limits and we also got weekly updates on our overall finances.

Keeping Track of Our Financial Goals

Besides warning you when you’re spending too much, Mint also has the ability to keep you keep tabs on your financial goals. It’s a great feature that I’m currently using as we’re building up the car replacement fund. There are a few goal templates you can use, including:

  • Pay off credit card debt
  • Save for retirement
  • Buy a house
  • Save for college
  • Improve house
  • Take a trip
Not only can you create a plan, you can also use Mint’s tools and partners to find some better deals.

Thoughts on Mints for Budgeting

How many of you already use Mint? Do you prefer to use it to keep tabs on your spending or do you use it to reach financial goals for your family?

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