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My goal is to maintain the resourcefulness of My Financial Reviews for my readers, while introducing them to sites, products, and services which may be of interest to them. Sometimes I receive requests for reviews. I can not keep up with all requests so I opened limited spots for reviews where I’m compensated for my time reviewing the product/service (not for the review itself-see below for details).

 Review Post Criteria

If your service/product/site offers no practical value to readers, then I’m not doing the review. Since my review schedule is finite, I want to pick and choose how I use it. Whether I receive compensation or not, there are general guidelines I request be followed.

You can not buy a positive review here at My Financial Reviews.  I retain complete editorial control over what I write. When you send a review item, you are acknowledging that Couple Money will be writing an unbiased review of your product. Please note, we do not review vaporware, pyramid marketing schemes, payday loan services, or get rich quick schemes.

If it’s a good product and you send extra copies, then understand that they will be offered to the readers here in a giveaway to  reward loyal readers and subscribers. Many of them influencers and bloggers in their communities.

Note: If product return is necessary, then it is your responsibility to include a postage paid return label with tracking.

The review is property of My Financial Reviews. Quoting of the review for your own site is permitted so long as our site is given credit for the quote and it is not used out of context.

Interact with Potential Customers

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section of the reviews. I encourage you to get to chat with my readers.  They are a very sharp group and can spread the word if you have a good product.

 Contact Me

If you agree to the above criteria, please feel free to use the contact form below to reach me. All prices given through email are in US Dollars. Currently payment is via Paypal.com only.

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