Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Review

I’ve review quite a few Unconventional Guides and as the name suggests, they are written to help you take the beaten path with entrepreneurship. This release is geared for freelance writers with the goal of making this creative endeavor a profitable one and break the stereotype of a starving writer.

There are quite a few talented writers out there, but they may not familiar with the business side of things or know how to approach editors and pitch their skills. This new guide is designed to do just that.

What’s Inside Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing?

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As with other Unconventional Guides, there is a ton of information and resources that not only give you an overview of the process, but practical steps and tactics that you can use to find your next gig. If you are interested in just testing the waters, there is a Pen for Hire Edition that will get you started and it includes:

  • The Ultimate Freelancers Guide:  Amber Adrian, 10 year freelance writing veteran, created a 55-page guide with practical steps for crafting a pitch, sample rates for a variety of writing projects, and how to manage yourself as a business professional. She also goes into topics like when and how to raise your rates.
  • The Big List or Links and Resources: A comprehensive list of vetted resources and online tools every freelancer should have on speed dial.
  • “Rejection Be Damned” Tools for Success: Within the half dozen smaller and more targeted guides,  topics like overcoming writer’s block and being an introverted freelancer.

If you decide to plunge in with the Editor in Chief Edition you get everything listed above and some big bonuses, including:

  • Sample Pitches and Letters of Introduction. You’ll get your hands on actual pitch letters and LOIs that have successfully landed freelance writing work in legit publications.
  • Bonus Author Interviews. You’ll get the transcripts of eight Q&A’s with successful freelance writers from all genres. Each interviewee shares their personal secrets on how they land their best business, how they got their first gig, and what unconventional methods they use to get their writing out to the world.
  •  44 minute audio interview with seasoned travel writer Kristin Luna who lands bylines in heavy-hitting publications including Newsweek, Forbes, Redbook, Self and Glamour, and has contributed to several Frommer’s travel guidebooks.

Depending on how much time, you’re investing into freelance writing, you may opt for the Pen for Hire edition to test the waters out. Either edition you decide to go with, once you buy an Unconventional Guide you get lifetime updates.

Who is the Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing For?

After reviewing the material in the main guide, I’d suggest that this would be a great fit for someone who has dabbled with writing on the side and is looking to make the transition into full-time work.

There is a lot of information specifically geared towards getting better paying writing assignments. If you want to grab a copy, please click here and pick the edition that works for your situation.

If you’re interested in working for yourself, but know that writing is not your cup of tea, then I recommend you check out either Break Out of the 9-5 Guide or the Unconventional Guide to Freelancing (more geared towards those who already started).

Do you absolutely need this guide to help you become a freelance writer? No, but I think for the price, you get incredible value as you have sample pitches and letters of introductions. With a few tweaks to them, you can come across as a professional.

With list of contacts already assembled and right at your fingers, you save quite a bit of time. For those two reasons alone, I think the price for the guide is quite reasonable.

Whatever you decide, I wish you success on your freelance writing. If you have any questions about the guide, please email me.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 


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