Travel Savvy: Knowing When to Vacation

travel to nc mountains

For some, a holiday is the chance to lie on a white, sandy beach, the wash of a turquoise ocean and a soul-soothing soundtrack as they absorb a UK summer’s worth of rays in a couple of days. 

travel to nc mountains

For others, a holiday is a voyage of discovery, exploring to-them-unknown territories, experiencing native cultures and standing in awe before both natural and man-made wonders. Some see their holidays as a two-week long party, broken only by bleary-eyed bouts of bathing in the hotel swimming pool.

Some party in a different way altogether, adrenaline rather than alcohol rushing their systems as they snowboard from perilous peaks, fling themselves from cliff edges or hunt the highest waves to ride.

Such different goals – the goal to escape the humdrum back home aside, of course – and yet they share a further factor. They’re largely dependent on the weather.

Find out the Best Time of Year to Travel

The right amount of sun, the right temperature, the right sort of snow, or the right amount of wind. Nature produces the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and enables some of mankind’s most absorbing pursuits. So choosing the right weather – the right season – for a holiday destination is of course essential.

Yet we all know someone who’s failed to find out the best time of year to travel to their preferred holiday destination; the couple honeymooning in the Maldives, packing solely beachwear, only to find themselves trapped in their admittedly luxury hotel by monsoon season deluges; the sun-seekers who, spying an irresistibly cheap holiday in Spain, pay little attention to geography and never check the annual climate charts – instead spending their holiday wrapped in a towel indoors, playing cards with a deck of 51.

It seems so obvious to check local weather conditions before you book a holiday, and when we hear of such ill-planned holiday perhaps some of us hide a little scorn behind our sympathy. But it could happen to anyone – you spot a last-minute holiday, bargain price, and leap before you look. Leaving aside those occasions when completely unforeseeable climatic conditions unhinge the best of plans, edge of season bookings always carry some risk. So it’s worth taking your time and doing your holiday weather research before you book.

Travel sites can help you find the best deals so you’re maximizing your savings and going at the best window for travel at your favorite destinations.

Imagine visiting New England during the fall, to see the leaves turn myriad colours as autumn progresses – but arriving mid-November when the spectrum has been exhausted.

Imagine booking a skiing holiday in the French Alps mid-spring, only to find that the best of the snow has begun to turn to slush.

Thoughts on Scheduling Travel

With the weather there are few cast iron guarantees, but by studying a holiday region’s historical weather reports – rather than just looking at the season’s average temperature – you can avoid booking a holiday that doesn’t deliver what you’re hoping for.



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