Throwing a Romantic (and Debt Free) Wedding

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How much are people spending for their wedding? A recent story on Daily Finance on finances of weddings showed the numbers:

A survey of 18,000 U.S. brides married last year found that their average wedding cost $27,000. And according to Carley Roney, co-founder of The Knot, “In 2011, 20% of U.S. couples spent more than $30,000, and 11% spent more than $40,000 on their weddings.” And that isn’t even including the honeymoon that, according to, costs roughly $5,000 on average.

Where you two fall on this spectrum is up to you.

wedding cake

Why Having a Debt Free Wedding Can Make You Rich

Besides not having to spend your first year or more paying back the debt owed for your wedding, having a paid for wedding also gives the two of you room to achieve your dreams quicker. Some goal either one of you may have include:

  • Travel: Who wouldn’t love to see the world with their spouse, thinking about new experiences rather than worrying about the burden of debts waiting for them at home?
  • Own a house: Speaking of homes, couples look forward to owning their own house. If you want to secure a better rate on your mortgage, then having a healthy down payment is key.  Buying a house with some money down will also lower your monthly mortgage payments, giving your budget some wiggle room.
  • Retire early: Whenever you two decide to retire, not having a wedding debt to pay off means that money can be used for investment in your future.
  • Start a business: If wither one of you would like to start a business, reducing and eliminating debt can ease the burden of getting your dream job off the ground.

As you can see, whatever your plans, having less debt can make the start of your marriage even more of a blessing. You two are less worried about finances and more focused on each other.

Planning a Debt Free Wedding

While typical wedding planning can take up much of your time, you may find that having a debt free wedding with seem less stressful. Why? Besides eliminating the un-important and spending time only on what really matter to the both of you, you may find that with some creativity you can get some extras at little or no extra cost.

Here are some wedding tips that can save you a lot of money and still let you have your romantic day.

  • Choose a date outside of the crowds. With spring and summer being popular wedding dates, having an early fall (still warm) or even winter date can be just as special and cut your budget drastically as venues typically have less demand and may be more willing to negotiate price. Even if you choose to have a summer date in mind, consider getting married on a Friday evening or early Sunday.
  • Choose your reception venue carefully. With the reception costing many couples about 50% of the wedding related expenses, choosing a venue that is budget friendly and romantic is key. some couple have found that have a beach wedding with a nearby reception area is both cost effective and special. For those not living near either coast, you may want to look at having a garden or park wedding (for those choosing a fall date, this can be incredibly beautiful with the leaves changing in the background).
  • With flowers, go with the season. Flowers are a huge part of many wedding ceremonies and for some couples the cost of these natural beauties exceeds their budget. By simply going with what is in season (usually there is still plenty to choose from), couples can have a beautiful day with draining their wallets.

Beyond the Wedding Day

Of course your wedding is just the beginning of your marriage. If the two of you have created a wedding that not only fulfilled your wishes, but also kept you out of debt, you’re off to a good start. As you two sort thorough your gifts you may find that some of your friends and family have sent a bit of money for your happy occasion. Instead of splurging that money, you may go ahead and decide to invest in your future together.

Go ahead and have that dream wedding (while staying on budget), just remember that it’s just the beginning of your lives together!

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Disclosure: Post includes information sourced from Genworth Financial


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