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What’s Your Best Tip for Saving Money on Travel?

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J is running a giveaway on his site about saving money on vacations and I aim to please! My tip for saving money on vacations is smart souvenir shopping. We love grabbing a few things for our family and friends during our trip, but like many people, we don’t want to go broke doing it. With just a smidgen of effort you can come out ahead while saving money. orlando vacations

Keeping a List, Checking It Twice

I got this idea from Matt over at Debt Free Adventure from his own vacations-

When you are out browsing, decide in advance that no matter what you find in a store, you will not buy… at least not right then. Simply go into the store, look around, enjoy yourself, try things on, make a note of anything you want to buy, then leave.  Do this at all the stores you visit. At the end of the day, have a look at the list you made, and decide if there is anything on it worth going back to that store to buy. This eliminates impulse buying, and can save you bundles…

So now when we go to different places we wait to buy gifts until later. Impulse buying is at a minimum and many times we discovered that we cut a bit off the price and still get the gifts our loved ones want. It’s a win-win.

Stock Up on Staples

I have family that love getting their coffee mugs, shot glasses, and t-shirts. They enjoy their collections and we have a blast picking out something for them. When we went to Orlando a few years back we disovered that the local Wal-Mart had licensed Disney gear in the store at cut rate prices (compared to the park anyways).

After taking a few trips around the country we saw that it’s something to look out for – we can get some gift staples at retailers like Wal-mart and we saved some cash.

 Thoughts on Saving Money While on Vacation

I’d love to hear from you about and your vacations. How do you save money on your travels?If you have a travel tip of your own, head on over to Budgets Are Sexy to enter his $1,000 giveaway, in partnership with HotelClub

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