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Puzzle Book Reviews (Plus a Giveaway!)

Whenever we go on road trips, I try to grab something to read. Whether it’s paperback book or a download on my tablet, I like having something to do to unwind and pass the time. It’s a frugal way to have a good time and stretch my mind.

Looking for Puzzle Books?

I had an offer to review some puzzle books and it sounded perfect – many people go on road trips this month as vacation starts for some and the weather is getting nicer. I figured many people may be looking for a new puzzle to pick up so I asked the publisher to send them in. I received 3 books, each with a different type of puzzle. It turns out that all of them are fun and challenging.

Puzzle Baron’s Sudoku

sudoku puzzle baron

This puzzle book has over 400 unique Sudoku puzzles that offer a range of levels, so  beginners and experts can enjoy a good challenge. My sister and I have had friendly competitions in the past with Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku is a number placement puzzle where one enters the numbers 1 through 9, in a nine connected 3 by 3 grids where there are specific constraints on where the numbers can not be repeated.

Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles, Vol. 2

Out of the pack, this is my favorite. I’ve loved logic grid puzzles since I was a kid. For those not familiar with this particular type of puzzle, each one has a background story given to introduce the parameters of the puzzle (like who and what is involved) to give some context. the idea is that reader has to figure out the relationship between the people and/or objects.

Some clues are shared through statements where one has to discern true/false relationships. The grid below helps to keep the data sorted.  Here’s an example below from Puzzle Baron’s site:

Figure out the day off, first name, direction and dance for each person using the clues given. Below are all categories and options used in this puzzle.

Days Off
First Names
chicken dance
  1. Of the person who dances the flamenco and Riley, one has Wednesday off and the other lives southeast of city hall.
  2. The one who has Wednesday off loves to dance the flamenco.
  3. Either the person who dances the chicken dance or the person who dances the flamenco is Riley.
  4. Emmanuel has a day off earlier in the week than the person who dances the charleston.
  5. The person who lives west of city hall has a day off later in the week than the person who lives northeast of city hall.
  6. The one who has Thursday off doesn’t live west of city hall.
  7. The one who has Friday off is Desmond.
  8. Emmanuel doesn’t know how to do the can-can and doesn’t live southwest of city hall.
  9. The person who dances the charleston is not Desmond.
  10. The one who has Monday off lives southeast of city hall.

logic puzzle grid puzzle baron

This volume has 200 puzzles to keep you busy. You can also up the ante by trying to beat the average time or the best time listed for each puzzle. Little details like that make it more interesting to me. Puzzle Baron also shares the solve rate for the puzzles, which ranges from about 16% to 79%, so players of different levels can have fun.

 The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Picture Puzzles, Vol. 2

picture puzzle review

This a different kind of puzzle book and I think this can be fun for those who enjoy paying attention to details. The puzzle book contains:

  • Full-color picture puzzles for all levels and ranges of ability
  • Pictures appropriate for all ages
  • Whacky, funny, silly, whimsical, and oddball pictures
  • An easy-to-use answer key

Roadtrip Giveaway

Happy to announce that we’re giving away the entire puzzle pack to someone!  If you’re already a subscriber to either Couple Money or My Financial Reviews, you’ve already been entered. (If not, just simply sign up from one of links.) If you want to double your chances, simply follow me on Twitter and leave a comment that you’re following me. It’s that simple. No fuss, no muss – just a fun giveaway 🙂

I’ll pick the winner Wednesday evening (May 16, 2012) at 8pm Eastern time and send them an email to get confirmation and shipping information. This contest is for the United States only (publisher is shipping).

I hope you have a great weekend!