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Business Insurance – What Do You Need?

Being a small business owner means wearing so many different hats to keep your business growing. One has to stay focused on doing great work and manage the finances properly. Something that can get lost in the mix is having the proper insurance coverage for your business.

If you haven’t thought about it or it’s been awhile since you’ve reviewed your policies, here is some information to get started.

Liability Insurance

Depending on where you live, you may be required to have liability insurance for your business. Basically liability insurance serves as protection for your business should files a lawsuit for negligence. Many insurance companies, like Direct Line For Business, offer business insurance.  Look over what you need for your business should something like a lawsuit occurs.

Public Liability Insurance


Public liability insurance, as the name suggests, is specially liability insurance to cover third party victims, such as visitors or members of the public.

When looking for looking at public liability insurance, consider calculating whether it’ll be cost effective for your business. Weigh the premiums paid with the coverage offered. You don’t want to over pay for bad insurance. You want to strike a balance and find coverage that protects your business at a price that you can consistently afford.

Finding the Right Insurance Takes Effort

Whenever shopping for insurance,whether it’s  life, auto, or business, I highly recommend comparing prices and coverage.I’d also mention that having a spreadsheet or notes can be incredibly helpful as you can have an apples to apples comparison with the policies’ coverage. Some times it’s easy to get tunnel vision with price that we ignore the overall value of coverage.

We shopped around until we found insurance companies that were a good fit for us. We still price shop when it renewal time comes around, just to make sure we’re still getting a good value.

When buying insurance in general it’s important to analyze what your specific business needs. I’ve provided some general information, but every business is unique, so please complete your due diligence with whatever company you deal with.

Thoughts on Business Insurance

If you’re a business owner, what insurance coverage do you have currently?

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