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Just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow night I’ll be a guest on Streettalk Live (KSEV Houston) hosted by Lance Roberts. The planned topic is about saving and investing, but since it’s live radio, we’ll see where the discussion goes!

About Streettalk Live

Streettalk Live is lead by Lance Roberts who has over 25 years of investment experiences and his team (Mike Smith, Luke Patterson, and Max Gains) with the goal of taking complex topics of investing and economics and presenting them to listener in a clear, informative, and hopefully entertaining way.


Saving and Investing

Before I go on the show tomorrow, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on saving and investing for both short term and long term goals. I’m a big fan of automating finances to help you save money for your goals like an emergency fund ans use for paying down debt.

We have been using Mint to track our spending. It’s free and it’s easy to use. We use Mint to help us manage all of our financial accounts and to get snapshots of our net worth for our personal review. When it comes to savings we use both ING Direct and Ally Bank or our short term and medium term goals. They offer higher interest rates than many brick and mortar banks around the area. The service has been great and it’s encouraging to see our money grow and not worry about getting nickeled and dimed.

When you have an emergency fund and you’ve gotten your debt snowball in place, looking at investing for retirement is a logical next step. Again, if possible automating your retirement contributions, both to employer sponsored plans like 401(k)s and self funded accounts like IRA.

Here are some places to consider for opening an IRA if you haven’t already started.

Check Out Streettalk Live!

I can’t wait to see how things go on the radio. I think talking about how couples can work together on their finances and sharing our takes on what has worked for us can be extremely beneficial. I hope you tune in Friday and call in to say hi.

If you haven’t listened to to Streettalk Live, please listen to the podcasts of some their past shows and check out their blog! Call in (281)558-5738 tomorrow night

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We actually use these services ourselves and love them. 

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