Need Quick Cash? Sell on eBay

Sometimes life happens and you need some cash quick. You don’t have enough savings to cover a car repair or your heater decided to quit. For some people, getting a loan is the answer – whether it’s from a friends, credit card, or one of those payday places.

However there is another option that can help you – selling your used items on eBay. It’s a win-win situation in which you get some cash for things you don’t use anymore. It can help you pay off that repair on your credit card.

Selling Smart on eBay 

With a little bit of effort you can sell your stuff and get cash. What I’ll share today are tips to specifically help you make more money from your items.

Price It to Sell

Too many people fail with selling their items because they have no idea of it’s real worth. What you paid retail price doesn’t have an effect on it’s current value to buyers. Before you put your item up for sell, go ahead and check out eBay and Google shopping to see what your stuff is actually selling for. Be honest with yourself about whether you’d be willing to sell it for around that price.

You have to have competitive prices if you want to make more money. Depending on which seller you talk to, you’ll get different opinions about using a reserve price. I think having a reserve price can fine – it’s hidden from buyers so you don’t have to worry about them anchoring on to the lowest price.

That said, if you need cash, then don’t set you reserve price too high. You may frustrate those who would be willing to buy it, but at a slightly lower price.

Share Pictures That Sell

Pictures are extremely important for eBay. Don’t just take one picture of your item and think that will be enough. Buyers are paying for items without holding it in their hands – they need some reassurance that they are getting a great deal. Make sure you take pictures that show the item in different angles.

Take pictures in a well lit, clean room to show customers that you have items that are in great condition. If there is a slight imperfection, show them.  Small details like that matter to buyers and can help you when they write reviews.

Describe It Effectively

Besides photos, having a great description can help you not only seal the deal, but maximize your earnings. Don’t settle and just  give the basic information about your item(s). Make it appealing by being descriptive. Again when you show buyers that they are getting a lot of value, they are more willing to buy at a price you want.

If you need ideas on what to write, use power sellers as an example. See how they describe similar items and use that as a template for your listing. If you want more relevant buyers to see your listing, get inside their heads.  You should think about what phrases they they would type in to find your item and include them.

Finish the Transaction Quickly

Once you have received your payment, go ahead at the earliest convenient time and ship the item quickly. Pay a bit extra for tracking to confirm the buyer had received their purchase and send a thank you email. Perhaps you two can work again when you have something else for sale.

Thoughts on Selling Stuff on eBay

I’d love to hear from you about your experience selling online. How many of you have sold something on eBay? How did it go? Did you get what you wanted for the item?

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