Welcome to My Financial Reviews!

Welcome to My Financial Reviews

I think appropriate that the first post on My Financial Reviews be about this site’s objectives, history, and goals.

My Financial Reviews MissionWelcome to My Financial Reviews

My mission is to help MFR readers gain control of their finances by reviewing various financial resources that fit their particular needs. I do this by reviewing books, financial services, products, and companies.

The idea for this blog started over at my other site at Couple Money. Over there I write about how couples can build their finances together by living on one income and achieving their dreams with the second.

One aspect I enjoy about blogging is helping others discover personal finance books and services that could help them, but if I accepted every review off Couple Money would lose its focus. To maintain the same continuity as Couple Money I transferred over older review posts and included their original dates.

I decided to go and start My Financial Reviews as a way to make it easier for readers to find information they can use. It also allows me to write reviews to help others build their net worth while maintaining Couple Money’s own objectives.

Connect with My Financial Reviews

I hope you enjoy using MFR as a resource. If you’re looking for ways to enhance the site’s usefulness for yourself and others, please join the community by:

  • Share your thoughts in the comments section. I  love reviewing thoughtful comments from readers.
  • Stay up to date with all the latest posts  by subscribing  either by email or RSS. This saves you time and is completely free.
  • Email me at elle(at) MyFinancialReviews (dot) com. I do read my email daily (except on vacations). I would love to hear from you personally and I’m open for feedback.
  • Chat with me on Twitter.  Besides catching my daily thoughts, I also enjoy answering questions and chatting with others.

If you find one of the reviews helpful, could you please share it with your friends?


As you can probably guess, I’m not a financial guru and I make no claims to be. I’m constantly learning about personal finances and this blog is just a collection of the tips and life lessons we pick up. Couple Money is not intended to be a source for professional advice.

If you’re looking for professional help with your finances and you live in the United States, try using The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) to find a fee based financial planner.  They should be able to work with you and your individual financial situation.


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