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Mr Money Mustache blog review

I didn’t plan on doing a blog review of Mr. Money Mustache, but as we through the process of buying our next car, I found myself visiting his site more and more. Not only was I grabbing his top 10 lists and comparing the numbers his commuting posts, I was also exploring his site and the idea of early retirement.I’ve written about how we’re paying down student loans and our mortgage, but reading his blog has started some conversation about how fast we want to do it and the plan after our debt is paid off.

It’s given us some food for thought, so expect some future posts here and on Couple Money to be reflective of some changes we’ve made.

Mr Money Mustache blog review

My Favorite Posts of Mr. Money Mustache

For those curious to see what the fuss is about or for those looking at a post to start browsing around, I give you my top 5 MMM picks.

  •  Meet Mr. Money Mustache: I have got to start off by listing this introductory post. From the MMM pulls no punches and jumps in quickly with how the blog is about money (and at the same time, more than money).
  • Avoiding Ivy League Preschool Syndrome: As parents to a 9 month old, that post title got my attention. We’re trying to give our little girl what she needs now and saving and preparing for the future.
  • Top 10 Cars for Smart People: Read this post before you purchase your next vehicle! We were looking at different makes and models with cars based on data from other drivers and sites like Consumer Reports. MMM makes a great case for passing up on SUVs, even if they are more fuel efficient models out there.
  • Reader Case Study: Minimum Wage with a Baby on the Way: I think this a great example of MMM and the community offering some practical advice to a reader who want to improve his finances. Comments on the site are very passionate, but many times I find jewels of helpful advice.
  • Hypermiling: Expert driving to save 25% on gas: Yep, I’m using this post as a resource for the Fuel King/Queen Challenge. I’m hoping it will allow me to get one of the top stats for my car’s model on Fuelly.
There are plenty of great posts on the site, but I think the above 5 will give you a very clear picture of what the site is all about.

Thoughts on Mr. Money Mustache

Have you checked out Mr. Money Mustache? Have any posts stood out to you?


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