Mountain Getaway: Maximizing Weekend Trips

nc mountain trip

It’s been a busy year for us and our little girl, a year of many firsts. This summer we’ve had a lot of family and friends come over for visits. While it’s been incredibly fun to catch up with everyone, we’re a bit tired. We decided to change things up a bit and go out of town.

For us one of the best ways to recharge, have a fun trip, and not spend a ton of money is to go visit our friends out of town. This weekend we headed to the Western part of North Carolina to hang out with our friends at their mountain home. Looking for a way to enjoy a long weekend? Here are some tips for you to maximize your time.

Stay Relatively Local

This may seem counter intuitive, but staying within a few hours of your home can save you money while still giving you a chance to clear your head and relax. If you’re going more than 4-5 hours for your destination, not only are you spending a lot of gas, you’re also spending less time at the destination. nc mountain trip

The goal is to go far enough that it feels like in a different spot, but keep the driving manageable. While we remained in the same state, going to the mountains feels like we’ve traveled further and it has helped us to unwind a bit more.

Take Monday Off

If you already have Friday off go for it of course, but I’ve found that there is something extra rejuvenating about taking Monday off. Heading home on Monday also means we can get to our house and unwind a bit further. There’s no rush and many weekend ‘work fires’ (which typically aren’t vital) have been resolved.

Stay Disconnected

I’m not suggested cutting off everything, but not being tethered to a cell phone or computer can do wonders. Every time we do a trip to the mountains it feels like a lot longer and more relaxing because we’re semi-disconnected. If our friends and family have to reach us for an emergency they can. However emails and heavy online activities are heavily limited, both due to the area itself (not great reception) and by choice.

Thoughts on Road Trips and Getaways

I’d love to hear from you (and get ideas about future trips)! What have been some of your favorite trips recently? Do you go by yourselves or do you visit friends out of town?

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