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While I’m working on my net worth review and fuel review today, I wanted to share some great fuel tips I picked up in the Fuelly community. vw golf


Coasting as far as safely possible before coming to a stop saves me more gas than anything else. Many modern engines will either cut off the flow of fuel or significantly reduce the flow of fuel to the engine if you coast longer than a couple of seconds.

Highway Driving

With an automatic transmission, manually shift out of overdrive or shift down just before passing. This avoids the need to press the accelerator all the way down to ‘engage’ the passing gear.

City Driving

Contrary to popular opinion, the slowest acceleration is not the most efficient. Engines are more efficient at higher torque but less efficient at higher RPMs. You want to accelerate as much as possible without letting the RPMs go too high (over 2500-3000 for many engines).

Taking Care of the Car

The less weight in your car, the better the gas mileage. Do a little spring cleaning and remove everything from the trunk of your car (and everywhere else) that doesn’t need to be there.

Which Gas Octane to Buy

Contrary to popular belief more octane doesn’t make your engine perform better nor is the gasoline any cleaner than lower octane ratings. Octane is a burn retardant, that means that it slows down the rate of combustion (burning) for gasoline. Octane ratings higher than those required by your engine actually decrease performance, albeit very slightly and probably imperceptively at that, so buying higher octane ratings than needed just wastes money. As engines wear and tire out you may need a higher octane rating to control detonation, my last car wouldn’t climb the mountains on 87 after about 100,000 miles and needed 89 – 91 to keep from pinging, but around town it did just fine on 87 octane up until I had it rebuilt at 195,000 miles.

I am not reccomending violating your owner’s manual requirements, if your owners manual says to use mid grade or high test then by all means do it, don’t jeopordize your warranty to save a few cents per gallon, but if you’re adding high test because you think it is better gas and your manual doesn’t suggest or require it, then you should revisit this logic.

Thoughts on Driving and Saving Gas

What are some of your best tips for saving on gasoline when driving?

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