Meal Plan to Save Money on Your Food and Groceries

meal planning grocery savings

Sometimes what’s convenient isn’t what’s cheap, so plan ahead. Unless you’re sticking to a dollar menu, it’s hard to spend less $10 on quality, filling meals when you’re looking for something quick and easy to quell your appetite. So don’t wait until your stomach is cramping to think about the next meal. Plan ahead!

Steals and Deals at Grocery Stores

Check out what sales are going on at the grocery stores in you area. Typically, grocery stores mail promotional newspapers to residences to highlight current sales, so scan over these to get an idea of which recipes may be bargains for the week.

When flipping through these papers, reading the rest of your mail and walking down the grocery store aisles, also be on the lookout for coupons because they are essentially free money.

Bulk Buying 

Buying mass quantities of products can save you a lot of money, but be careful. There’s an art to it and it will cost you if you don’t keep a few things in mind.

  • Is it perishable? Toilet paper and soap are no problem, but food can be a different story. If you can use it eventually then stock up, but be wary of anything that will expire.
  • Can you freeze it? Just because it’s perishable doesn’t mean you’ll lose money buying in bulk. Meat can be a great investment as long as you have the space in your freezer.
  • Will you use it? Some bulk deals sound so good that you can’t say no, but take a moment to consider whether or not you will ever finish eating that 4 pound bag of Cheezy Poofs or if you know enough recipes to spice up that 30 pound bag of potatoes.

Seasonal Savings

Seasonal savings go beyond deals on Halloween candies in November and Christmas wreaths in January. Fruits and vegetables go in and out of season and are priced accordingly.

So wait for spring to make that delicious artichoke dip and consider whipping up a sweet potato casserole in winter rather than summer. Cutting down on small costs like this will add up in a big way.

Thoughts on Saving Money on Your Groceries

Just remember that convenience costs, so plan ahead. If you follow these three rules, you’ll soon be counting all the money you’re saving. You may also find that planning ahead takes the stress out of feeding yourself and the family.

Melissa is a guest author from Food on the Table and expert on meal planning strategies that help save money.  

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