May Fuel Challenge Check-In #2

Good Morning! It’s another Monday, so it’s time for me to check in with my own progress with the Fuel King/Queen Challenge. This week’s check-in isn’t so great, at least not for me. I filled up my car again and though I expected it to be worse than last fill up, I didn’t think it would be this bad. 

I got 22.8 miles per gallon this tank.

Want to Join the Fuel Challenge?

It’s simple really to join up to have a chance of winning some money:

No matter which challenge you take, please keep your receipts and record your gas mileage with every fill-up either on Couple Money or on My Financial Reviews, depending on which challenge you take. Simply leave a comment on today’s challenge post on Mondays’ posts which will be sharing everyone’s progress and tips.

Thoughts on the Fuel Challenge

I’d love to hear from you and your challenge. Please remember to leave your progress in the comments below – it’s encouraging and a way for us to see how each other is doing. If you have any tips that you’ve used please share them as well.


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