JustDeals.com Review

I know many of my friends love finding deals online. I have recently heard of another deal site, so I wanted to check it out and see if you can really get some great price on products.

It’s called JustDealsand as the name implies they only offer specials on their sites, claiming to save you up to 95% on MSRP on brands likeDell, Sony, Wilson, and Hoover.

How JustDeals.com Works

I asked them to share exactly how their site works. Basically: 

JustDeals.com offers four deeply discounted daily deals with limited quantities that go live every night at 9:00pm PST for a 24 hour period and expire at 8:59pm PST the next day or while supplies last as products quickly sell out.

“Exclusivity is really what sets us apart from competitive daily deal or bidding sites,” said Richard Chemel, Co-Founder at JustDeals.com. “We offer merchandise from top brands ..”

A few months ago, they switched from 1 deal a day to 4 deals each day, giving customer more choices on snagging a deal.

This is not a bidding site – as long as supplies last during the during deals, you can buy the items. It’s not like some deal sites where a minimum amount of people have to accept the deal for it to go through.

My Thoughts on Just Deals

They do have low prices on their site, but unless you have something already in mind when you buy, you could be finding yourself shopping there simply because it’s on sale. However the deals are legit, so you may want to check it out to see if they have what you want.

With four deals running daily, you may find something you or a loved one wants at a great price.

If you want more information please check out their site and their Facebook page.


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