How to Get Rich: Wealth Building for the Financially Illiterate

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One of my goals for My Financial Reviews is to highlight personal finance blogs and sites that I think can help you with your finances. This week Barbara Friedberg took some time out of her busy schedule to discuss her personal finance site and her new book, How to Get Rich: Wealth Building for the Financially Illiterate.

When and why did you start your blog? Why did you decide to name your site after yourself? personal finance barbra friedberg

started my blog officially in 2010. It was after the mortgage meltdown and recession. I was committed to sharing my finance expertise with others. During 2009, I shopped a book proposal to various publishing houses and was met with the same response, where is your audience? That was my initial impetus to start a blog.  I had so much finance background and expertise and I wanted to help others with their financial stressors. In 2012, I got one book contract to edit an Encyclopedia of Personal Money Management, and in 2013 I finally got How to Get Rich: Wealth Building Guide for the Financially Illiterate published.

I was clueless when naming my site. I knew nothing about search or website development. I came up with the name, as I was convinced that my methods of money management will be helpful for others, asked my husband whether I should use my own name or not, and he said yes.

How do you handle your own finances? What system do you employ with: budgets, investing, and career?

I’ve used Quicken for decades for budgeting and financial tracking. I also use Quicken to track my investments. Additionally, I created my own spreadsheet to monitor my asset allocation a couple of times per year.

I was a career counselor at San Diego State University in an earlier life. There I learned the best tool for career advancement and management: networking and informational interviewing.

Meet with individuals who have careers that interest you and spend 15 to 20 minutes asking them about what they do, their jobs, and how they got where they are. Ask for advice, not a job and use that information to drive your career decisions. Build your LinkedIn network, I use mine constantly for contacts and information.

What’s the biggest financial mistake you’ve ever made? What did you learn from it?

Wow, as an investor of many decades, I’ve made my share of poor stock picks (all investors do). But the one financial mistake I made that stands out is the $300 money making course I bought. What a rip off. (And with inflation, that same purchase would probably cost close to $1,000 today).

There are so many people out trying to take your money, make sure to think before you shell out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for information you can get in a book for much less.

Please tell me about your Book: How to Get Rich. Why did you write?

How to Get Rich: Wealth Building for the Financially Illiterate is a step by step plan to lifelong wealth. How to Get Rich provides solutions to debt, saving, investing, housing, insurance, and investing. The final chapter unveils the secrets of the rich. Getting rich is not difficult, if you take it step by step.

I want to help others get on the wealth building path so they can live a life with choices and free from financial stress. The book is a fun and quick read with quotes, humor, anecdotes, and worksheets based on wealth building research.

What are your goals this year and beyond with your book and your site?

I have several other wealth building titles in the works and am launching a publishing company called Wealth Media, LLC. The blog will continue to offer strategies to build wealth and I look forward to growing the site in order to assist more folks with smart money strategies. Additionally, I will continue collaborating with other bloggers to help with their initiatives.

Barbara is offering a special deal ->From May 1-May 5 you can get a free Kindle download of How to Get Rich: Wealth Building Guide for the Financially Illiterate.

 Thanks goes out to Barbara for not only sharing her financial thoughts, but for also sharing her book!


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