How Rich People Think-Interview with Steve Siebold

how rich people think steve siebold

How Rich People Think and What You Should Know

I’ve had the pleasure of reading How Rich People think by Steve Siebold a few weeks ago. I think his new book is a great fit for those needing a starting point on how to tackle their finances. Intrigued by it, I sent some questions to the author to pick his brain on the topic.

I’m happy that Mr. Siebold took the time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions about his new book and the ideas behind it. I think his interview is a wonderful showcase for his writing style – inspiring and direct.

Here is some basic information on the book if you’re curious:how rich people think steve siebold

Steve Siebold Interview

What was the decision process on writing this book? What was your motivation for writing about the topic NOW (instead of years ago)?

What I learned from interviewing the rich made me a millionaire, and anyone can do the same. Many people don’t understand that what they think is dictating their behavior. This book represents 26 years of interviews and teaches the reader the mindset of the wealthy. With all the talk of financial doom and gloom, I think this book exactly what many people need to rebuild their portfolios.

While the masses are depressed and running for cover, NOW is the time to stake your claim and build your fortune! Every product and service is on sale, and thousands of wealthy investors are hungry to fund new start up businesses and ideas with the potential to produce big returns.

For those not familiar with your terminology, how would you describe “world class people”?

The term world-class, in this context, refers to the level of financial success these people have attained. They are literally among the wealthiest people in the world.

How easy to you think it is for people to acquire a “world class” attitude?

It’s a decision that you make. If you want world-class success, a world-class attitude will be a great asset on your journey. The powerful people you will need to attract will be much easier to find if you have the right attitude.

As a site on family and finances, I’m curious – how do you think couples can both develop a world class mindset?

Study the differences in thinking between the middle class and the rich, and begin to adopt the beliefs and philosophies of the wealthy. It’s easier and more fun to learn this as a team, and I think couples have a great advantage because of that.

Some readers may not know this, but you’re an expert on mental toughness. How has that helped you with your own career and finances?

Mental toughness is about controlling your thoughts and emotions, and getting rich begins with thinking. Mental toughness helped me break away from the middle class thinking that had me broke and in debt, because it went against what most people in my inner circle believed. Of course, they were also broke!

I finally realized I had to escape the consciousness that kept me poor and embrace the mindset of the rich. Some people understood, others didn’t. In the end, it was mental toughness that helped me stick to my plan long enough to win.

What is one mistake that you made, and what did you learn from it?

The biggest mistake I made was getting in my own way. I had so much lack and limitation brainwashing from years of exposure to middle-class thinking that I often pushed back on the advice I got from millionaires. I was earning $38,000 a year and they were making that much in a day, yet I was questioning their advice. It was pure stupidity. Most of us are own worst enemies, and one of the best things I ever learned in life is to seek the counsel of the successful and follow their advice to the letter.


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