Giving It a Go with Anti-Automobile April

reliable family car honda accord

Yesterday I was catching up on posts and emails after getting back from a family trip this past weekend. I came across a real cool challenge on Mr Money Mustache –  Anti-Automobile April. I was looking over it and thought it would be great to join in.

Last year I hosted the Fuel Challenge to help myself and others improve their gas mileage. It was a friendly competition. I had a blast not only saving money on my car’s gasoline, but it was fun to do the giveaway.

If you’re not familiar with MMM, one of his goals is getting readers to use their bikes and feet more and their cars less. So when I saw this post title on my Google Reader I immediately thought he was suggesting that people go cold turkey on their cars. That’s not the case though.

reliable family car honda accord
Our new family car!

What is Anti-Automobile April?

What’s Anti-Automobile April about? Let me share his description:

For this month, why not just try to make yourself AWARE of when you are using your car, and when you are not.

Just start a little with five columns, and stick it on your fridge. “Day, Car, Bike, Feet, Comments”. Pre-fill the “Day” column with 1 through 30, the number of days in April.

Day Car Bike Feet Comments
1 100 0 5 Drove to Las Vegas
2 0 5 2 Bike tour of park with friends

Then every day, just mark down the number of miles you traveled using each method of transportation. Write a comment, or a thought, or an excuse in your “Comments” column.

I thought this would be great for me. One of the most motivating things I did to cut my spending was simply tracking my spending. The same thing happened when I kept a food journal. I had no diet plan, I just tracked what I ate. After a day or two, I noticed I cut calories and started to make better choices with what I ate. Being more aware of my behavior and choices has been incredibly helpful so I’m joining in.

Why Anti-Automobile April

There are a few reasons why I’m doing the Anti-Automobile April.

  • I’m looking at getting fit for a 5k in May. By reducing my dependence on my car, I’m hoping to get myself running and biking more.
  • Save money on gas. I just on ABCnews today that gas prices are expected to rise this month and next. I’m trying to not pay more at the gas pump.
  • Raise more money for the student loans. We’d use the money we save on this challenge for paying down the student loan. We already reduced it to 21% in 2 months. It’s the last month of The Debt Movement and I’d like to finish big.

If you’re looking at taking the challenge, please let me know. I’ll be tracking my progress every day on my Anti-Automobile April progress page.

Best wishes to all who sign up!


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