Get Rid of Junk Mail

get rid of junk mail

One of the annoying things we receive in our mailbox are dozens of credit card offers and ‘deals’. I can’t even imagine how many trees have been used considering how many people get them each week. In addition to credit card companies, many of the big banks send promotional material, hoping to get more business.

How to Toss Out Junk Mail

If you’re tired of getting this garbage here are some things you can do to reduce, and in some cases get rid of, junk mail. get rid of junk mail

  • Get rid of the pre-approved credit cards. Most times if you’re sent a pre-approved card, it’s a bad deal. Check out to  submit a form to get out of the junk mail for 5 years. It’s quick and it’s free.
  • Change the Direct Mail offers you get. Another site you’d want to check out is The Direct Marketing Association runs the site and you can adjust the amount and type of Direct mail you receive.
  • Be selective with contests you enter. Whenever you see those cruise or trip contests with the sign up sheets at the malls or other retail places, just pass. You’re unlikely to win anything and instead you’ll be adding yourself to a call center list or direct mail list.
  • Talk with your bank. If you want to get rid of the promotional offers from you bank, call them up and request to get off their mailing list for credit cards.

While an ideal world would have you opt-in for getting offers rather than having to spend your time to opt-out at least you can get some of your mailbox space back.

Thoughts on Getting Rid Junk Mail

How about you – do you get a ton of junk mail? What are some are of the worst offers that you’ve seen?

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  1. I signed up with the Pre Screen Opt Out service the minute I found out about it and it works pretty well. I still get a couple of offers now and then, but they are from banks that I already have relationships with. I also go through the privacy notice of every bank/credit card/brokerage I get to make sure I tell them I don’t want my information shared with anyone and that I don’t want any kind of communication (in any form) other than that which directly pertains to my account(s). I still wish there was a way to have the mail person stop putting those stupid ad packages in my box each week but doubt it can be done.

    1. Thanks Eric for sharing your take. I signed up so my junk mail for credit cards has been pretty much eliminated. My husband however hasn’t so he gets a ton of this stuff still 😛

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