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reading at the library

I’ve been catching up on some reading lately by visiting my local library a couple of times this month. My mom got me into the habit of grabbing books as way to learn and relax and I hope to pass it on to our daughter. It’s been fun taking her there and grabbing some books to take home and read with her. Sure, she’s only at the eating the book stage, but it’s still fun 🙂

More Than Just Books at the Library reading at the library

I’ve noticed that libraries have changed quite a bit and now offer so much more than what I was used to as a kid. Besides visiting our local branch to borrow books and other media, there are some other ways you can use it.

Family Learning

Many local libraries open their doors for a variety of classes and programs including reading clubs, yoga, and computer/office courses. Mr Money Mustache and his family use it to build skills and nurture hobbies:

It’s a place where the whole community of people interested in learning gathers together, secretly avoiding the TV and the shopping mall that gets the attention of everyone else. Local experts come in and give free talks in the conference rooms.

People stop by to donate their recent issues of magazines after reading them. Volunteers raise and donate money and books.  Surplus library books get sold off for a buck each.  Little display tables get set up with currently applicable themes.

There was a “peak oil” display recently with some articles, magazines, and books all laid out, free for anyone to sign out and read. And there is free wi-fi access throughout for those who want to just tune in and read on their laptop or phone.


Many libraries offer job assistance centered events and programs. If you’re looking for employment, it’s worth taking a look. In our local branch it’s completely free and imagine that is the norm for other libraries around the country.

Arts & Crafts

During the summer I noticed that my library had several activities planned for the neighborhood kids. This month our library system has poetry contests for teens. You can try out and develop new skills at the library for free or cheaply.

Thoughts on Using Your Local Library

How often do you use your local library? Do you just borrow books or do you take advantage of activities offered there? I’m also looking at grabbing a good read next time I visit – any recommendations?

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