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hotel stay at drury inn

We just got back from St. Louis after attending FINCON. We had a great time at the conference and I found a new hotel that I loved during our stay. It wasn’t our plan to go there, but I’m so happy it worked out that way.

Due to my procrastination, we found ourselves in a bind. With several conferences in town and the St. Louis Cardinals battling the Dodgers for a spot in the World series, hotel rooms were scarce, especially in our part of downtown. I was able to reserve a spot a block away from the conference, but I was told that they were booked for Friday and Saturday. That meant that my first two days were spent looking for deals by phone and web.

On Friday morning, I checked with front desk and they told me they still didn’t have rooms so I called around and found most rates in the $300+/night. Not willing to pay that much, I went online to find a hotel deal with Kayak. We needed to find something in our price range and hopefully in walking distance of the conference. That’s when I saw Drury Inn, two blocks from the conference AND within our planned budget price. I immediately booked it and told my husband I would be back right before check out time to move our stuff.hotel stay at drury inn

Discovering Drury Hotel

I hadn’t heard of the chain, but their competitive price  online motivated me to try them out and I’m so happy I did. Since check-out our first hotel was 12pm, I called Drury Inn to see if they could let us check in early or at least leave our luggage at their place until we could get a room. I spoke with a sweet woman named Jean who said they’d be happy to help us. So my husband and I got took our toddler and bags and walked over to the hotel, relieved to have found a solution to our problems.

And now the fun part. I discovered that my reservation was for the Drury Inn at another location downtown, one much further away.  I kicked myself for not paying attention to the details and explained to Aleanna our problem. Much to my surprise, she came to the rescue and delivered a solution to our problems.

She checked their inventory, found a room, honored our Kayak rate, called the location to cancel and let us check in early. It might not seem like a big deal to some, but I have worked at hotel with numerous locations in a town and if customers came in with the same problem we had, I’d be instructed to have them go to the other location. My former boss was firm about getting the highest rate for rooms.

With their downtown location right by the baseball stadium and business conferences, the Drury Inn was losing money to keep us. They could’ve charge double and still have someone book the room. I have no doubt about that.

Just because of that I was impressed, but there was more to like about the place.

What’s Included for the Price

One thing that irritates me about some hotels is that the advertised price online doesn’t reflect the real costs. It’s one thing to have taxes, but some chains will have numerous fees added in. With Drury we were pleasantly surprised at how much was included with our room rates.

  • Free wifi
  • Free hot breakfast (sausage patties, pancakes, eggs, and more)
  • 5:30 Kickback – Free happy hour (3 drinks for those 21 and over) and evening meal (chili, nachos, hot dogs, and more)

By the way, I also found out that if you stay Friday and Saturday night, your rate drops to $69 (plus taxes) if you stay Sunday.

Thoughts on Drury Hotels

the entire trip was enhanced by stay at the hotel. All of the staff  were courteous and kind. I’m so happy we discovered Drury and I will gladly stay again. I highly recommend you give them a try if an opportunity presents itself. Have any of you stayed with them? What was your experience?

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