Driving 1 Million Miles – Maintaining Your Car

1 million miles on honda accord

I just wrote a post about car maintenance and care that can extend the life of your vehicle. Even if you get an extra 12,000 miles out of the life of your car (average amount driven by American drivers), that’s about an extra year of not having to make a car payment.

That’s money in your pocket for your next car or for your other financial goals. Don’t think you can push your car life’s even further? When I joined Honda’s driver club online I discovered Joe LoCicero had driven his 1990 Honda Accord, True Blue, for 1 million miles!

1 Million Miles – Regular Car Maintenance Pays off

1 million miles on honda accord

His job as a master auto technician and damage claim inspector took him all around New England as he checked out vehicle claims.

He purchased the car used in 1996 with about 74,000 miles already on it and had driven around 50,000 miles a year on it.

With all these miles, how well has his car held up?

Through the years, the car’s seatbelts, steering wheel and upholstery have worn out and been replaced. The fuel pump blew at 741,000 miles, drawing laughter from his kids when the car had to be towed.

He’s also had to replace the timing belt a few times, but he says that the transmission and the engine has held up.

What’s his secret to keeping True Blue running? Joe credits being meticulous about following Honda’s maintenance schedule:

… he’s read and followed his owner’s manual and maintenance schedule to the letter. He’s also a stickler for fluids, he checked them weekly, switching them seasonally (10W-30 in summer and 5W-30 in winter), and changed them every 5,000 miles. He’s been loyal to the same brand of oil and never let it go below a quart low.

While Joe’s mileage is an outlier, his tips and his car show that with some care, you can extend the life of your car.

Thoughts on Car Maintenance

I’d love to hear from you. How many miles do you have on your car? How has it held up so far? What’s your maintenance schedule for your car?

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