Day at the Marbles Kids Museum in Downtown Raleigh

raleigh marbles kids museum

We just got home this afternoon from a frugal and fun activity – going to the kids museum downtown. If you haven’t checked it out, the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh is a great place to take your little ones. Not only will your kids be occupied for the day, it’s really affordable plus the museum is close to some great restaurants.

It was especially nice because The Produce Box had an event there and since we’re members we got a discount on admission.

Marbles Kids Museum Exhibits raleigh marbles kids museum

There are several exhibits in the museum that our gang of kids enjoyed. I’ll share a few of the highlights that we enjoyed today when we visited.

Around Town

Basically on the lower floor there is a huge section that has a miniature town that kids can be a part of with costumes and props. They can be a bus driver, a doctor, an actor, a farmer, or a chef. They can get into character easily and there is plenty of spots for parents to sit back and enjoy watching their kids’ imagination at work. Right next to that section is a tucked away spot (Peek-a-boo Bay) for babies that’s a bit quieter and allows them to explore freely in a safe zone. It was nice for my little 9 month baby girl to spend some one on one time.


This play zone is filled with activities that encourage and educate kids about saving and spending their money. Right now my little one can’t appreciate the exhibit, but I’ll be taking her here in a couple of years 🙂

Art Loft

I don’t know many kids that don’t love this part of the museum – they get to let their creative energy out with painting, drawing, and sculpting. They can also hang their masterpieces around for other visitors.


My other favorite part of the museum would have to be the water play. Besides it being a hot day today, Splah lets kids be part of a scientific team in a submarine or be a pirate for a day with their own ship.

Thoughts on Visiting Your Local Museums

I enjoyed checking out the museum, between the libraries, parks, and museums in Raleigh, we should have a fun and frugal summer. We’ll be coming again – it’s too much fun to check out in one day. Next time I’ll start with the Art Loft and go from there. How often do you use your local museums? any particular ones, you’d recommend to others? Why?

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