Creating a Family Car Spreadsheet

We’re continuing our car search and I’ve created a spreadsheet to help us out. We used Consumer Reports to create a list of reliable used cars that were in our price range. Now we’re looking at fuel efficiency and gas mileage with cars. Hopefully there will be some overlap between the two lists. 

Looking at Gas Mileage

Right now the price of gasoline in my neighborhood (in Raleigh, NC) is about $3.77/gallon for regular. While we’re working to keep gas consumption down, we still also want to see if we can lower our gas budget. With this next vehicle we’re looking at getting better gas mileage than what we’re getting with our current vehicles.

The Jetta is getting about 25 mpg on avareage with both highway and city driving while the Celica is getting around 29 mpg.I’m using Consumer Reports and the US government’s fuel economy site for the numbers.

Here’s what I have entered into the spreadsheet:

Gas Mileage (City/Hwy) Mixed Driving Trip MPG
Ford Focus 19/34 30
Ford Fusion 15/32 27
Honda Civic 21/40 25
Honda Civic Hybrid 26/47 37
Honda Accord 18/37 29
Hyundai Sonata 17/40 33
Scion XD 25/40 42
Subaru Impreza 16/30 27
Toyota Camry 16/34 28

More and more, I’m leaning towards getting a Hyundai Sonata or the Scion XD. It has good mileage has gotten favorable reliability rating and the price range of the car means we could get a more recent model compared to the other brands.

Thoughts on Shopping for Cars

I’d like to get your thoughts. Looking at the chart which car would you lean towards and why? What make and model do you have now? Are you happy with it?

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