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My husband and I are planning on buying a family car this year and avoid taking a car loan. We’ve been saving up regularly and as we approach our spending budget, we’re starting to look at possible options in our area.

Obviously before we spend a good amount of our hard earned money, we’d like to make sure we’re getting a good deal, not just with price, but also value. To do that, we decided to go ahead and get a Consumer Reports subscription. They have a ton of information on cars and numerous products. If you’re looking at spending a little bit of money to save a lot more down the road, please check them out.

There are options for an online subscription and the print one. Go for the one that will serve you best.

android phone apps
Consumer Reports has plenty of handy apps

Consumer Reports on the Go – Mobile Apps

While checking our their online resources (quite a bit!) I also noticed that they also have many apps available for iPhones and Android Phones.

  • Mobile Shopper 2012 ($4.99/year) – Get instant access to Consumer Report ratings and reviews on electronics, appliances, and other products. You can also see if the product you’re looking at is considered a reliable model.
  • Babies & Kids ($.99/year) – Parents and family can double check to make sure their purchases for the little ones in their life are safe.
  • Safety News & Recalls (Free) – See if there has been a recall on items that you’ve already purchased and get some peace of mind.
  • Eco-Labels ($.99) – Don’t become confused by the jargon; find out if eco-products do the job or if it’s just hype.
  • Hospital Ratings ($2.99 on iTunes) – Before checking in to a hospital, see how other patients review their stay, check hospital stats, and get a second opinion on patient care.
That’s quite of variety of tools to use. I see the babies and kids being popular – parents want to make sure they’re getting something reliable and safe for their kids. The hospital rating app can be quite useful when considering scheduled procedures.

Thoughts on Consumer Reports on the Go

Did you know Consumer Reports had so many useful and handy apps? Have you tried any of these out? Which ones do you recommend?

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