Buying a Family Car

reliable family car honda accord

Yesterday we went ahead and bought our family car. It’s a Honda Accord in great condition. We wanted to find a reliable used sedan that could be used for our family’s needs.

reliable family car honda accord
Our new family car!

Deciding This Was the Car for Us

To help us sort through all the new listings on Craigslist, we used Carsabi and created a few saved searches. It allowed to filter results for:

  • Make/Model – We had a list of cars we were looking at, much of it based on Consumer Reports recommendations.
  • Price – We had a specific price range we looking for with the car. With Craigslist, I included cars slightly above the budget since I felt we had more room to negotiate compared to dealerships.
  • Model Year(s) – We were looking for a car that was relatively recent. Newer cars have some safety features that are standard compared to much older models, where it could be optional.
  • Maximum Mileage – Just because we wanted to
  • Transmission – We were fine with either a manual or an automatic.
  • Clean Title – It’s easier for us to just focus on clean titles. I know some who are more mechanically talented can find some gems with those without one.
  • Location – We were willing to travel a little bit to find a good deal.

Those saved searches saved us an incredible amount of time. We got an email for the car shortly after it went up and we called to check out the car.

Since we’ve been looking at similar cars, we could see the price they wanted to sell the car for was reasonable. We checked out the car and used CarFax and everything looked in order.

The rest was pretty simple – we made and offer and they accepted it. We schedule a time to buy the car and we met at one of the local bank branches.

Thoughts on Buying a Family Car

Whew! Glad to have our new (to us) car. Now we’re going to focus on our other financial goals, including getting our finances together should something happen to either or both of us plus we are still working on paying down the student loan. It’s the last non-mortgage debt we have.


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