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As a site that reviews financial products, services, and companies, it’s always fun to take a bit of time to review something that I really enjoyed and have used for my own finances. Today I wanted to review the Empire Building Kit from Chris Guillbeau.

For those not familiar with Chris and his Unconventional Guides, he’s a very small business writer. Not so much small in revenue, but small in size. Each of his releases focuses on a specific challenge that business owners have.

I actually bought Chris’ Empire Building Kit when it first launched. I enjoyed his other guides, so I wanted to see how his new guide could help my business.

Who’s the Empire Building Kit For?

With the Empire Building Kit Chris is looking at provide one year’s worth of material to help entrepreneurs to focus and grow a sustainable lifestyle business.

If you have a side project that’s earning you income or just started with freelancing, this guide can provide some great value.

He had spent about year interviewing successful business owners and discovering what helped them to build their businesses and he shares numerous case studies, covering a variety of careers, including:

  • Coaching Artist
  • Dog Trainer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Photographer
  • Web Design

What’s Included in the Empire Building Kit?

All the editions includes the following:

  • Daily emails (for 365 days) with specific goals and tactics to help you determine a business to create and and build.
  • Video interviews with successful lifestyle entrepreneurs about how they speficially built their business (including annual figures) Update: Transcripts of the videos are included.
  • Case studies (PDFs) with a different businesses and backgrounds.
  • Video presentations from Chris on marketing topics like cross-selling and the tools he uses for his own business
  • More case studies, interviews, and content as you progress through the EBK 365 emails.

Chris has created 3 editions of the Empire Building Kit, each designed to appeal to different business budgets. Depending on what your goals, you have to you go all out with the Hail Caesar pass or play it safe with Emperor-in-Training.

  • Emperor-in-Training – $149
  • Hail Caesar – $249
  • Alexander the Great – $449

As you can see with the prices above, this is not for the casual hobbyist. If you’re looking to dip your foot into the water, you may want to check out Chris book, The $100 Start-Upchris guillbeau start up

For those who have a bigger budget and go for the bigger packages, there are extras you get with your personal Empire Building Kit.

  •  The Hail Caesar package includes 12 PDF case studies, 7 video interviews,  and 43-step Product Launch checklist.
  • The Alexander the Great package includes 15 PDF case studies, 7 video interviews, the 43-step Product Launch checklist, and a behind the scene look at Chris’ Unconventional Guides as a business.

Your Thoughts on the Empire Building Kit

If you’re interested in picking up the Empire Building Kit, I hope you find my review helpful. If you have any questions, please email me.


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