Automating Bill Payments and Checking Our Bills

cable and internet bill

Every so often I check our bills to make sure that everything looks right. This morning I went ahead had to make a phone call to our cable company to cancel our cable bill and check on our internet service.

I also needed to adjust some of our home association dues to reflect the higher rates. cable and internet bill

Automating Bill Payments

We use Capital 360 (formally ING Direct) for our joint checking  account and to take care of most our bills. Setting up the schedule for bills and their payments took less than an hour.  We only need around 15 minutes a month to pay bills.

The process to get everything ready was fairly straightforward:

  1. We took copies of our bills and organized them in a pile to be added.
  2. I entered the companies billing us, addresses, contact numbers, due dates, account numbers, and bill amounts with our bank’s payment center.
  3. You can set the bills up to be recurring, where it will pay it automatically for you or you can manually enter a payment.

If a bill changes from month to month (like the gas or electric bill), I just login and change the amount. The bank takes care of the rest. With the online bill pay system up, it’s very easy for us to maintain.

You can open a checking account with Capital 360, simply click here to get started and get a $50 bonus!

Calling the Cable Company

I noticed that I had to adjust our cable bill this month, so I went ahead and called them about the services. By chatting with them, I was able to upgrade our internet service and get a promotional discount. This will save us almost $200 for the year, not a bad return for a 15 minute call.

Thoughts on Reviewing Your Bills

I’d like to know how you handle your monthly bills. Have you noticed one of your bills increase without notice? do you call to get it lowered? Have you switched services?

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