Driving Smarter and Going with Cash in May

my financial reviews

I was going through April’s income and expenses this morning. We’ve accomplished a few of our goals last month. After buying a car our account balances are looking a bit lower than I’ve been used. However it’s expected and we are working on our other financial goals.  One of the remaining goals is paying off the student loan debt [...]

Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim

escape from cubicle nation pam slim

With tax season winding down and our car search over, it’s been nice to focus my attention on writing up some reviews again. To get me back into the swing of things I thought it qwould be great to refresh my memory with a review of one of my keepers from my book shelf. Escape from Cubicle Nation [...]

Using Fuelly to Track Our Gas Mileage

fuelly gas mileage honda accord vw jetta

My husband I have a Google Docs spreadsheet where we can keep track of our cars’ gas mileage with each fill-up. However I haven’t been as regular with my data entries as I planned. I decided to use Fuelly to track our cars’ performance. I wanted to share a brief for those readers who are looking [...]

Buying a Family Car

reliable family car honda accord

Yesterday we went ahead and bought our family car. It’s a Honda Accord in great condition. We wanted to find a reliable used sedan that could be used for our family’s needs. Deciding This Was the Car for Us To help us sort through all the new listings on Craigslist, we used Carsabi and created a [...]