Choosing the Right Credit Card for You

choose the right credit card

Building credit is an important part of life.  One way to do this is to have a credit card in your name.  Of course, once you have this card, it’s important to either pay it off each month or pay at least the minimum payment by the due date.  If you are going to get a credit card, make sure that you use it wisely and also get one that will work for you.

Tips on Finding the Right Credit Cardchoose the right credit card

There are hundreds of credit cards on the market, so if you need to build credit, how do you determine which one is right for you?  The good news is that there are several steps which can help you answer that question.

  1. Don’t always rely on credit card offers you receive in the mail. In most cases, these are actually advertisements.  Instead, visit travel reward or credit card comparison sites for a comprehensive look at the best and worst cards available.  On this site, actual card holders rate their cards in such categories as rewards, customer service and fees.
  2. Be sure to have a good understanding of all fees and other charges that you may incur while being a card holder.  Read the literature that comes with the offer and make note of the APR and minimum finance charge.
  3. You must ask yourself if you plan on paying off the balance every month or if you are going to let it carry over.  If you plan on paying it off, it may be better to go with a rewards card that has a slightly higher interest rate.  Since you are paying it off in full every month, you won’t have to worry about how high or low the APR is.  If you intend on carrying a balance, you will want to find a card with the lowest balance you can find.  Because you will need a good credit score to qualify for the lowest rate, you may want to check your credit score before applying.
  4. Ask yourself what will benefit you most. If you like to travel, you will want to apply for a card that offers some type of reward travel points.  If you would rather have money back in your pocket, you may want to search for a card that offers cash back or rebates toward certain purchases.
  5. Be sure to look for a card that offers either a very low annual fee or no fee at all. If you find a card with a fee, make sure that it will not offset any gains by using that particular card.
  6. Pay close attention to the grace period allowed by the card.  The grace period is how long you have before finance charges are applied to any balance.  Look for the longest grace period you can find because you will have more time to pay off the balance.
  7. Take careful note of the credit limit. If you are just starting to build credit, look for a smaller limit until you learn how to properly handle a credit card.  Be wary of no limit cards because they look maxed out on a credit report.

Thoughts on Choosing a Credit Card

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. How did you choose your credit card?Which credit cards do you use? How do you use your credit cards?

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10 Tools for Your Wedding Wish List

power tools for home

When it comes to gifts for newlyweds tools may not seem romantic but are just as practical as a pressure cooker or set of dishes. Why?

Prepared Newlyweds Check Their Wedding Wish List

For starters, setting up a home often entails a number of fix-it/renovation projects that provide the opportunity to be one’s own handy-man. Sure, major jobs need a professional but many smaller ones like painting a room, refinishing the front door, or de-clogging a gutter can be done by just about anyone.power tools for home

Thousands of DIY websites listing tips and instructions on-line are great resources for information that can save couples from breaking their budget on hiring somebody else.

Furthermore, couples who have made lifetime vows to each other will find many tools spanning the test of that time!

That’s why wedding season might not be for months but grooms and brides to be should consider the long term impact of placing a set of tools on their wish list.

Wedding Wish List Must-Haves

Some important selections with practical applications include the following:

  1. Power drill and set of drill bits: In the wedding aftermath this will be helpful in putting together new furniture, hanging up wall ornaments, installing shelving.
  2. Screw driver set: For tightening eye glasses, opening a can of paint, or bleeding radiators.
  3. Tape measure: To measure if the door is wide enough for the new bed or fridge, how long a splash guard you need over the kitchen sink, how to space the flowers in the garden’s flower bed, or even measuring how fast your kids are growing! For all of these and more a tape measure is invaluable.
  4. A wrench: To handle water valves when installing a new washing machine, when a pipe bursts, or when replacing the faucet in the bathroom.
  5. Pliers: For repairing furniture, fixing a leaky toilet, cutting hanging wire for picture frames, or resetting a fence.
  6. Ladder: For hanging art work, climbing into storage lofts, having stability when changing a light bulb on a high ceiling, and caulking windows on the exterior of the house.
  7. A hammer and assortment of nails: For repairing shelving, hanging family photos or artwork, building a dog house.
  8. Caulking gun: For sealing trim around a room before painting, sealing drafts around windows and doors, or sealing cracks to prevent moisture from leaking in.
  9. Goggles, face masks, and work gloves: Many kinds of DIY projects require safety precautions so it’s a good idea to have protective gear handy.
  10. Tool box: Keeping tools in a safe protective place like a tool box will prevent their loss and keep them in good condition. It will also keep them out of the way and make it easy to carry your collection around.

Thoughts on Wedding Wish List

How many of you included tools in your wedding wish list? Have they been helpful for you?

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