Living Well with Bad Credit

Chris Balish Geoff Williams living well with bad credit review

I thought for this week’s book review, I’d share a really helpful book for those building their credit score. There are some great books on how to accomplish that, but this one is a bit different. Living Well with Bad Credit shows you what to do in the meantime.

Basic Book InfoChris Balish Geoff Williams living well with bad credit review

  • Full Title: Living Well with Bad Credit
  • Author(s): Chris Balish & Geoff Williams
  • Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.
  • Price: $12.95

Living Well on Bad Credit: An Overview

If you’re one of the 110 million Americans with a bad credit score, this is a great book to help you with day to day things like banking and renting an apartment. The chapters cover topics and challenges that many people face. They include:

  • Banking with Bad Credit
  • Getting a Good Job with Bad Credit
  • Good Housing with Bad Credit
  • Driving: Bad Credit in the Passenger Seat
  • Starting a Business with Bad Credit
  • Living with Bad Credit
  • Avoiding Bad Credit Scams

Banking with Bad Credit

The most practical chapter in the book,  Balish and Williams show how “unbanked” Americans can get their banking needs met. Having options can be a great alternative to pay day loans.

Balish and Williams go over the Chexsystems database and how it affects you. They also cover entering into a second chance program to open an account with certain banks. They also offer tips on building a solid history withyour bank or credit union.

Getting a Good Job with Bad Credit

There is no real way for you to dig yourself out of debt if you don’t have some income stream. Balish and Williams goes over the delicate job interviews where your finances are discussed. They also explain how your credit report can be a factor in being hired and which careers rely more heavily on them.

There is a lot of practical advice in the chapter and something for everyone to at least review before applying for their next job.

Your Thoughts on Living Well With Bad Credit

First, off this book is not for everyone and wasn’t designed to be. If you’re struggling with a bad credit score and need a plan on getting out, this is the book for you. This is a how to book

Do you think that this is something you’d be interested in? Did you know there was a book that covered this topic? When you finish reading the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Get Financially Naked Review

get financially naked review

I love reading and over the last couple years, some have been personal finance books. I thought it would be helpful to include some of my thoughts on personal finance books out there. I’m going to start off this new series with Get Financially Naked.

Basic Book Infoget financially naked review

I’m going to present a brief review of some of the chapters so you can see if this book would be a good fit for you in your situation.

Get Financially Naked- An Overview

Thakor and Kedar introduce the book by sharing their goal of empowering readers to be actively involved with their relationships and finances. They explain the process of doing this and how the book is organized.

  • Own Your Finances, Own Your Life
  • Talking Money with Your Honey
  • Time to Get Tactical

Each section has it’s own focus and it’s a good framework to guide readers to getting a better handle on their finances.

Own Your Finances, Own Your Life

I think sharing what other think financial empowerment means is a great way to open this section. Kedar and Thakor have a visualization exercise to help readers define their goals. They also give the link for readers to download this worksheet and others from the book.

Besides having the reader participate by having the book become a personal guide with worksheets, Kedar and Thakor share their own money struggles, triumphs, and fears.

Talking Money with Your Honey

Money can cause a huge strain on a relationship, so Kedar and Thakor start off with some questions and scenarios to assist you to determine if someone is living beyond their means. There is a big difference from someone who is hit by hard economic times and someone who needs help with managing their money.

This section has quizzes and worksheets that you and your significant other can review and discuss. It also address some major life and financial events like:

  • Buying a House (or Renting)
  • Owning a Car
  • Retirement Planning
  • Having Kids
  • Extended Family Obligations

Time to Get Tactical

This section was definitely my favorite part. Kedar and Thakor manage to give practical and doable tips on what to do with your money. They cover a range of how and whys of having:

  • Emergency Funds Ready
  • Savings for Big-Ticket Items
  • Retirement Accounts

They end the book with a brief guide on sustaining your financial system. the appendix with frequently asked questions is a wonderful read in itself.

My overall impression of this book is positive. It’s a little book packed with a lot of good information. Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar have done a great job creating a practical guide for couples looking to manage their finances. It offers readers worksheets and scripts to help you get started with the difficult conversations on finances.